Brugarolas S.A. is a chemicals company with a long history of being dedicated to the production of all types of grease and lubricants, fluids for use in metallurgy, fluids for metal straining and other general chemical products for an endless number of industrial applications.

Since 1885, Brugarolas has continued to amass experience and knowledge in all areas of industrial activity, creating a portfolio of products and solutions of the broadest variety in the market. Over 3,000 products endowed historical and technological depth. Products developed to carry out common applications, special applications and still newer developments. At present, the products and services offered by Brugarolas are available in over 60 countries.

Brugarolas has its manufacturing headquarters in Rubí. Situated 26 kilometres from the city of Barcelona, it possesses excellent commutes, by highway as well as public transport, allowing for quick commutes via the port of Barcelona, Spain and the rest of the world. The logistics and distribution centre is situated 2 kilometres from the factory in an enclave that is easily accessed from the highway. With a surface space of over 60,000 m2 and 35,000 m2 of construction, Brugarolas has a production capacity in excess of 60,000 annual tonnes.

Brugarolas S.A. continues to advance in a very competitive and global market, in which the satisfaction of our clients is of primary concern with regards to our objectives. Brugarolas finds its strength in its personnel team, which has experience and training of the highest order, making use of vast technical resources and always available to improve its industrial practices as well as its products and services.


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