The Kvalitet group of companies began its activity in 1991 with the creation of the NPP Kvalitet.

The priority area of activity is the development and production of oils for helicopter technology. Kvalitet-Avia LLC is the main supplier of MS-8P aviation oil for the Russian law enforcement agencies, Gazprom divisions, civil aviation consumers and aviation industry enterprises.

Designed to improve the performance of base oils, suppress unwanted processes during operation, providing the necessary life of the oil and give it properties that protect the engines and mechanism from premature wear.

Hydraulic oils, motor oils, gear oils, industrial oils, aviation oils, oils for helicopter equipment, oils for the Ministry of Defense and the needs of law enforcement agencies, oils for energy.

The production facilities of the Group of Companies allow to produce:
• over 2000 tons / year of sulfonate additives;
• over 5000 tons / year of thiophosphate, phenate, polymer thickening and depressant additives in stock;
• over 10,000 tons / year of packages of additives and oils in stock.

website: www.npp-qualitet.ru/

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