iBiotec Tec Industries, was created in 1970 and is part of Tec Investissements.
Our business is designing, formulating and packing technical chemical and agrochemical products for use in maintenance or industrial processes.
We are primarily a formulator and have about 2,000 tried and tested products which have resulted in 17 patent filings : Solvents, degreasers, detergents, lubricants, anti-corrosion products, galvanisers, penetrating oils.
Our R & D team, engineers and technicians combine to contribute to the whole process thanks to their varying specialist fields. Lubrication, tribology, metalworking, demoulding, degreasing, alternative solvents, cleaning, detergency and anti-corrosion.
The design process involves listening and responding to our Customers to enable us to perfectly define a solution which suits their needs. Furthermore, we organise all our services, in order to ensure we are able to respond quickly in line with their expectations.

Our regional managers responsible for technical training have extensive experience within the industry and remain close by to our clients to provide ongoing advice and recommendations when needed.

Production rate:
2 manufacturing units with an output of 14,000 liters / hour
3 manufacturing units with an output of 10,000 liters / hour
3 manufacturing units with an output of 6,000 liters/ hour

website: www.ibiotec.fr/ANGLAIS/index.php?id=2

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